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“That we may know Him.”

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Pastor Rodger Alley

Senior Pastor

Following the leading of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Alley and his family started the Cornerstone Baptist Church of Greater Denver in April of 1992.  From the beginning, Pastor Alley’s greatest desire has been for the people of Denver to know the saving AND the transforming power of the gospel of Christ.  Pastor Alley is a true visionary in every aspect of ministry.  His compassion for people from all walks of life has earned him the love and respect of his members as well as the people of his community.  Pastor Alley’s beloved wife, Ruth (known to our church family as “Mrs. Alley”), has also devotedly served the people of Cornerstone Baptist Church with her husband since the very beginning.  They have been married now for over 35 years.  Pastor Alley is very affectionately known by most as “Preacher.”


Gordon Alley

Associate Pastor

Gordon Alley serves as the Associate Pastor, Music Director, and Sweetheart Couples’ Class teacher at CBC.  He and his wife Rachel have been married for 9 years and have 6 adorable children.  Around the church, Gordon can most often be found working on various church projects with one of his children.  One of his greatest desires is to pass on his love for God and ministry to the next generation.