Cornerstone Baptist Church



“That we may know Him.”

Connect with us


* Sunday School Classes

    * Fascinating Womanhood Class

    * Adult Class

    * Teen Power Hour

    * Next Generation Class

    * Noah’s Ark Nursery Class

* Nursery for all services

* Van Ministry

* Soul Winning

* Visitation

* Street Preaching

* Choirs for all ages

* Bookstore

* Media Ministry

* Biblical Christian Counseling

* Denver Baptist Schools

Weekly Activities and Outreach


Sunday School Classes               10:00 A.M.

Morning Service                           11:00 A.M.

Evening Service                             6:30 P.M.


Youth Choir Practice                      6:15 P.M.

Bible Study                                    7:00 P.M.


Adult &Teen Choir Practice           7:00 P.M.


Church-wide Street Preaching 

at 16th Street Mall                         4:30 P.M.


Operation Saturation                   10:00 A.M.

(Neighborhood Soul-winning)

If you have questions about the Bible or any of our ministries, please call us at

(303) 936-9040 or email us at

It is our pleasure to serve you!